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"Naturally, I found it very hard to adjust from being in charge of my ‘baby’ to being in charge of virtually nothing!! However, I’m over that and trying very hard to change the world within the bigger business and having some limited success that I expect to grow into more fundamental changes in time."
D.V. CEO; Financial Organisation

Redundancy Coaching

Leaving a company is always a big event in a person’s career and whether you are facing redundancy or will be leaving as part of compromise agreement, it is very important to realise you still have control over the next move. If you are not automatically offered a full outplacement service the first step could be in negotiating a smooth exit that meets your needs as well as the company’s. You may wish to negotiate each of the above services separately, including a period of professional coaching.

The focus of the coaching will be on ensuring the next move you choose is the right one for you. It is all too easy to be tempted to rush to get back into the same position as you were before, without considering what is right for you - where you would be and what you would do if you really could choose.

Although we hold true to the principle that everyone is a unique individual and that to work to a pre determined process is inappropriate, our experience of working with people who are going through/facing redundancy is that there are some common steps we find ourselves taking.

So here are some of the things we might do together:

Look Backwards
The early pieces of work often focus on looking back over what has just happened and sometimes even further, over your whole career. There are two things we can achieve here:

  1. We can resolve any residual issues such as letting go of any negative emotions (anger, frustration etc.) and catching negative beliefs before they become rigid
  2. We can learn from past experiences to identify what you’re good at and to use specific past situations to analyse when you’re at your best

Look at the Present
What’s the reality of your financial situation? Maybe there is value in bringing in professional advice.

More fundamentally, you might take this opportunity to reflect not so much on how much money you have or need, but on how healthy is your relationship with money in general? Have thoughts about money become a focus or a distraction?

We may also spend some time:

  • Uncovering what your work place values are so that you get clarity about what will give you long term job satisfaction
  • Building more useful positive beliefs about yourself, your abilities, the work place etc.
  • Uncovering any less useful thought patterns - (PITS) Performance Inhibiting Thoughts – and transforming them into more useful patterns – (PETS) Performance Enhancing Thoughts

Look to the Future

When you're ready we'll 'get practical'!

Having decided what’s right for you, we’ll then work on:

  • Targeting industry sectors or even certain organisations you’d like to work for
  • Drafting a professional C.V.
  • Networking: a much more proactive route to employment than responding to adverts
  • Interview performance


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