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"I have more confidence delegating responsibility to Regional Mangers and have noticed improved responses to the additional "trust" shown: I now feel that I can influence colleagues and senior management. I have become more vociferous in senior management meetings. Working with my coach has allowed me to: Raise my own level of confidence; become more decisive; and identify my own needs, develop my own solutions and implement them."
J.T. General Manager,


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching, often called management coaching or executive coaching, can help, even if you are already a leader and a manager, whether of small team or a large organisation. Perhaps you have been on a leadership development programme or a management training program. The question is, are you the kind of leader or manager you wish to be? The kind your people need you to be? Leadership training teaches you what to do. Coaching will help you do it.

Leadership, management and executive coaching have been researched and written about so often that you will find very little theory here. My coaching sessions will help you develop your own style; one that you are comfortable with and that gets the results you want. While it can be successfully argued that leadership and management are different skills, they do go hand-in-hand when trying to successfully run a business. Leadership coaching covers these skillsets and others. It can help you get the most out of you and your employees.

My coaching sessions could be based on a model of leadership and management developed by the organisation, or if there is no agreed model, then we could start by helping you create your own personal one.

For a bit of insight into how coaching has helped others, see the Leadership Coaching Case Studies page.

Either way, a good next step would be to get some feedback from others and there are various ways we could do this.

Just what we focus on to develop your style will depend on both you and the feedback but there are some typical goals that often come up in leadership or management coaching.

So please feel free to call Mike Duckett on 01494 473504 to see how we could work together in terms of Coaching you for Success in Leadership, Management or Executive.

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