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"Here is some feedback based around what I feel that I have gained from the coaching sessions: The coaching sessions I have received have enabled me to make an impact on people. They have increased my confidence and self-belief enabling me to make a positive impact on people in everything that I do. On reflection the sessions have enabled me to understand the impact I make and how that impact can be improved. It is a process that I now do as part of my day-to-day work life with out even having to think about it. The sessions most importantly have enabled me to be the real me in the workplace. "
J. C.
Product Manager;
Pharmaceutical Corporation


Key Performance Elements in Professional Coaching

Whatever your goal for our coaching rest assured you won't be put through a pre-determined process or programme; the work we do together is unique.

However, here's a list of some elements of performance that are often involved in achieving goals in business:

Time management
You have probably been on at least one Time Management course but still find it difficult to implement the ideas. A key to achieving some bigger goals may be to turn this previous learning into a change in behaviour, perhaps through looking at some fundamentals like your real priorities and distractions.

Visioning and goal setting
Let's go well beyond simple SMART goals and start applying the mental strategies that we know from sports and through research, are the best at embedding a goal in your mind. Once this is done properly we firmly believe you are already more than 50% on your way to achieving it.

Decision making
If circumstances change then sometimes the ability to make clear confident decisions changes too. Perhaps to achieve your bigger goals we may look at the mental processes you go through when you are on your best decision making 'form'.

Strategic thinking
A thinking style that can be developed; especially relevant when moving into leadership roles and often referred to as the ability to see the bigger picture.

Creative thinking
You are probably more creative than you think! This thinking style can be developed in a number of ways and is often required when moving into management roles that are not necessarily labelled as 'creative'.

Making effective presentations
One of the most commonly required abilities in all kinds of business settings. Being an effective performer either in front of small teams or whole corporations is vital for any kind of leader. Let's go well beyond the usual presentation skills to bring out your own natural way of expressing your character whilst communicating clearly and inspirationally with your audiences.

Optimistic thinking
Let's make sure that the way you think about successes and failures helps you keep moving toward your goal. This has nothing to do with seeing the world through rose coloured spectacles – optimistic thinking is a style you can learn!

Developing 'Emotional Intelligence'
Often quoted as being more important for long term success than I.Q. perhaps you'd like to develop your ability to manage your own emotional state and the relationship between you and your colleagues.

Staying confident in your abilities
'Self Confidence'; what does this mean? Let's get a much clearer perspective on exactly what it is about yourself you feel less than confident, in what specific circumstances. Once we've established this you'll be well on the way to doing something about it and improving your performance.


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